is an indispensable part of textile chemicals and Lubricant industry and we have a wide range of chemicals and lubricants which have application in different stages of textile wet processing besides supplying standard grade of chemicals and lubricants which are meant for end use by the textile industry. we have range of pure textile pre- treatment chemicals delivered in packaging as specified by our clients. These chemicals are used in many industrial applications as Wetting Agents, Lubricants, Sequestering Agents, Peroxide Killer, Peroxide Stabilizer, Optical Brightener, Soaping Agent, Dye Fixing Agent ,Bleaching Agent, Bleaching Chemicals, Clothing Dye, Textile Dyes, Finishing Agents, Finishing Chemicals, Textile Finishing Agents, Textile Enzymes, Textile Sequestering Agents and etc…..


Please find out the following what we offer in textile division:

Wet Processing Solutions

Printing Solutions

Complete Knitting Solutions

Effluent Treatment

Boilers Solutions

Sizing Solutions

Fiber Solutions

Technical Textile Solutions

Colourings Solutions

Hygienic & Maintenance Solutions

Speciality Finishes


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